亚博手机版网址|Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Technologies Co has pledged to support Thailands bid to become a regional information technology hub.中国电信巨头华为公司允诺反对泰国沦为区域信息技术中心。Government spokesman Yongyuth Maiyalarp said the move will help realise the countrys ambitious digital economy policy.泰国政府发言人Yongyuth Maiyalarp说道,这将有助构建泰国雄心勃勃的数字经济政策。


Mr Yongyuth said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha discussed the deal with Huaweis deputy board chairman, Hu Houkun, who praised the plan to use IT to boost peoples livelihoods.他说道总理巴育与华为的董事会副主席胡厚昆就该协议展开了会晤,胡厚昆明确提出了这个计划来用于IT提高人民的生活水平。The spokesman said Gen Prayut had told Mr Hu he wanted to push Thailand forward to become a regional IT hub, where leading technology operators can share ideas, experiences and cooperation.这位发言人说巴育对胡说他想要让泰国沦为区域IT中心,这样主要的技术公司就可以在这里共享点子,经验和展开合作。The executive told Gen Prayut that Huawei is ready to work with the Thai 亚博手机版网址government and the private sector to help shape IT development plans covering basic structure, management and information storage.这位华为负责人对总理说道华为早已准备好和泰国政府以及泰国的私营部门合作以协助构成IT发展计划,这将还包括结构,管理和信息存储。


Huawei will also award 100 scholarships to Thai students over five years, to increase potential and knowledge of IT, Mr Yongyuth said.“华为将在5年时间里给泰国学生获取100个奖学金,以提高IT领域的潜力和科学知识,”这位发言人说道。Before wrapping up his official visit to China, Gen Prayut paid a courtesy call on Chinese President Xi Jinping who expressed satisfaction over cooperation between the two countries.在对中国展开月采访前,巴育将军礼节性的造访了中国主席Xi,Xi对两国间的合作表示满意。According to Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese president emphasised the importance of close ties with Thailand and urged both countries to press ahead with cooperation on railways and agriculture.根据新华社报导,中国主席特别强调了中泰密切关系的重要性,并呼吁两国之后就铁路和农业达成协议合作。Mr Xi singled out the breakthrough deal on railways as particularly important.精研先生特别是在特别强调了铁路获得突破性协议的重要性。


Earlier Tuesday, Gen Prayut visited a Chinese train control centre and inspected operations.周二早些时候,巴育采访了中国的一处铁路控制中心并查阅了操作过程。During the visit, Gen Prayut asked questions about the technical side of train control and management, including passenger services and goods transportation. He also asked Chinese rail officials about the possibility of developing existing trains to run at mid-speeds of 160kph. They assured him that the speed of trains can be increased without any detrimental effects on an established system.在访问期间,他告知了铁路掌控和管理方面的技术性问题,还包括旅客服务和货物运输。他还告知中国铁路官员有关于将现有列车速度提高到160公里每小时的可能性。

而他们问说道列车的速度意味著可以提升,而且会对现有的系统导致任何有利影响The premier and Thai delegates later took a bullet train from Beijing to Tianjin, a distance of 120km, in 30 minutes.随后,总理及泰国代表团搭乘子弹头列车从北京到天津,总共120公里,花上了30分钟。Despite political changes, ties between the countries remain close. In bilateral talks on Monday, Gen Prayut and his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang vowed to cement their friendship further when the countries mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations next year.尽管政治上再次发生了变化,但是两国间的关系依旧密切。




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